How Many Sales Does Beatport Top 100 Have?

There are many myths about the charts of the popular music service from the American Denver. Some argue that it takes tens of thousands of sales to get into the Top 100 chart. Let’s dispel these myths – everything is much simpler and more prosaic.

The fact is that to get into the top 100 on Beatport, just a couple of dozen copies sold are enough, in the top 10 – a couple of hundreds. Not millions, not tens of thousands, not even thousands.

Suppose your track has been bought two hundred times. It’s not bad. Then simple arithmetic: multiply 200 by $ 1.99 (standard track price), subtract 50% (Beatport commission), and divide the rest in half (standard contract with the label). In total, if rounded up, for two hundred copies sold, the artist will receive $100. And that’s before taxes and stuff.


The fact that releases sell so poorly is a massive phenomenon: people just stop buying music. In general, the trend is the same for both underground and commercial pop music.

Selling music is an artist promotion tool, not the main source of income. This is your calling card as a musician, which you extend to the world, receiving in return an audience and other opportunities.

Features of music distribution on Beatport:

  • You can place releases niche in a special sub-genre. For example, the Organic House genre has recently appeared, which until recently was absent as such.
  • You can buy a Hype service from them and get more attention by recouping your expenses with sales.
  • You can request priority support in your Songmoney account.
  • You can create your own charts. At the same time, the author’s chart can be adequately noted and placed on the main page.
  • You can indirectly control the relevance of tracks relative to each other using your own charts.

If your content is niche, we recommend that you turn to thematic specialized labels presented on this site. It’s a more efficient way to sell your music because each label has its own audience and promo base, thanks to which more target audience will know about your release.

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Today, Beatport is still a store, not a streaming service. A track costs an average of $1.99. Since the music store has a limited set of genres, classical music and genres close to it are not added there and, accordingly, are not sold.

HYPE is, by the way, a full-fledged paid service from Beatport. For about $10 a month, you can pay for a little more attention to your music. The block is not located on all genres, and despite a decent amount of time since the start of the service, sometimes releases receive attention with a delay. However, it’s worth a try.

The rating on Beatport is formed based on the number of purchases and only (which, in general, is quite logical, since this is a store). That is, how many the track itself was listened to, or how many times the page was viewed, does not matter. No sales – no rating.

Labels have the opportunity to pay for a small advertisement of a particular release – for example, the picture of the release will periodically appear on the page of a certain genre on Beatport for a certain time.

There are services that buy your tracks for your own money. You pay for a certain number of purchases, a release is bought from a bunch of accounts of this service, due to which it goes to a certain top.

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