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How many songs did the Rolling Stones write?

Covers or original songs? Which way would you choose if you decided to become a music star? The Rolling Stones chose the first way and they were not wrong. Covers brought them their first popularity.

how many songs did the Rolling Stones write

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However, the manager of the Rolling Stones, Andrew Loog Oldham, quickly realized that covers were not the best way to get long-run success in the world of music. That’s why he decided to initiate the Rolling Stones songwriting process.

Thanks to his efforts, the world got high-quality music content. Throughout their career, the group has written many songs. However, the question of how many songs did the Rolling Stones write is still open.

Some sources tell us that they wrote 373 songs while others claim that there were only 165 songs written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. We can’t give you exact figures as they are still continuing their musical career. In 2020 they released the new song “Living in a Ghost Town”. It was a big surprise for all the Rolling Stones fans as they haven’t written songs since 2012.

No one knows how many songs they will write in the future. However, we know exactly that they have already changed musical history.

Now it’s really hard to find a person who wouldn’t know at least one song by the Rolling Stones. If you haven’t listened to the Rolling Stones yet, check their songs out right now! Just install any streaming service or visit any social network. Both of them are crawling with their songs.

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