How Many Songs Should A Playlist Be?

If you genuinely love music, then you most likely use music streaming. Accordingly, you have one or more music streaming services in your use.

One of the tools that make using streaming worms convenient and comfortable for you is playlists. These are collections of songs and musical compositions that you create on a streaming service yourself or use ready-made playlists from the curators of the service, other users or artists.

Creating a playlist may seem like a simple task at first glance. But this is not entirely true if you want to create a really good playlist that will be listed on the streaming service and give good emotions to other users.

There are many guidelines for creating effective playlists. They can be public or private. This, in fact, is the fundamental difference between them. The public playlist will be shared and can be seen and played, copied and commented on by other users.

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But only you have access to the private playlist, since it was you who created it.

How many songs should be in a good playlist? Experts say that their number should vary from 20 to 30, and the playing time of the playlist itself should be from one and a half to two and a half hours. These are average numbers.

If you are creating a playlist of music for your workout, then you should count on the time of active activity during it. As a rule, a workout on average lasts two hours, but this is an average value in time. Maybe three hours, maybe an hour. Therefore, the playlist should in this case play for approximately the same period of time. You will not stop during a run in a stadium or park, knocking out breath and rhythm just to start a new playlist that you find suitable for running training. So a lot depends on the situation.

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