How Many Spotify Editorial Playlists Are There?

Streaming music service Spotify is the undisputed leader in the global market. He can be proud of the fact that the monthly number of listeners exceeds 380 million people around the world. And the music library of the service is more than 70 million songs. The projected annual increase in service users is 23.77%. 35% of service users are located in Europe, slightly less (24%) – in North America, 22% of users live in Latin America. But the rest of the world accounts for only 19% of users. But the rest of the world includes, among other things, extremely densely populated Asia, as well as Africa.

Spotify has about 35 percent of the global music streaming market in 2022. He also has direct competitors, for example, Apple Music and Amazon. But each of them is far behind the leader, and even in combination they do not occupy the market share that the green streaming giant alone has.

There are over four billion playlists in the streaming service’s music catalog today. Here you can find everything that the soul desires. But editorial playlists are many times less, although they are also included in this huge number.

The service’s media library contains more than 70 million songs. Every day it increases by an average of 55 thousand songs. And you can become one of those who replenish the Spotify music library.

So many editorial playlists on Spotify. Unfortunately, no one keeps such statistics. Editorial playlists are automatically included in the total.

Getting the song into the editorial playlist can definitely be considered a great success. Editorial playlists pave the way for career advancement and, consequently, greater profits. If an artist becomes recognizable, then the number of his listeners grows exponentially. His income also grows exponentially. That is how the system is built.

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Proper placement of a song’s editorial playlist application is often the golden key to a future music career and millions of dollars in profits.

Exactly how many editorial playlists Spotify has today is hard to say. The streaming service does not publish its statistics in a single source. Some parameters are not accounted for at all.

In order to get into the editorial playlist of Swedish music streaming, you need to follow a series of steps. Submit an official application for placement of your song in the Spotify editorial playlist should be in advance. Experienced artists claim that this must be done at least three weeks before the official release of the song. Only in this way there is a high probability that the editors of the streaming service will have time to process the application and appreciate the proposed song.

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