How Many Streams Did The AI Song Get?

Technology is developing rapidly and every day more and more determine the course of our lives. The music industry, like other industries, is also heavily influenced by them. Show business has become a field of activity for the introduction of artificial intelligence systems.

A track was recently released that uses artificial intelligence vocal technology that mimics the human voice and has reached over 100 million streaming views.

Chinese corporation Tencent Music Entertainment has revealed that it has created and released more than one thousand artificial intelligence tracks so far, with one track reaching over 100 million streams. The song, titled Today, became the first track by the AI-powered singer to reach over 100 million streams online.

The AI vocals used in this track use the patented “Lingyin Engine” text-to-speech technology released by TME last year.

And not only the Chinese corporation is engaged in the introduction of artificial intelligence. For example, HYBE, the giant Korean entertainment company that produced BTS, acquired the fake voice company Supertone in October 2022, and AI-based music production is rapidly gaining momentum. No wonder South Korea is considered a leader in the introduction of innovative technologies.

Supertone explained that its AI technology, through voice splitting and synthesis, can create “surreal and expressive human voices.”

Singing voice synthesis software is also being developed in Japan. Since about 2020, various singing voice synthesis software has been released in Japan, and new software such as the standard “VOCALOID”, “Synthesizer V”, and “NEUTRINO” has appeared. Since the release of the first artificial intelligence track in 2007, many well-known songs have been created every year, and the software itself has steadily evolved, even creating something quite human. Just as the “Vocaloid boom” occurred 15 years ago, there is a possibility that entertainment using voice synthesis software will become popular all over the world.

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And this is not surprising, because concerts with the participation of virtual “singers”, who are the embodiment of artificial intelligence, have been held in Korea for a relatively long time. These concerts have gained immense popularity in recent years. Approximately the same situation is observed in Japan.

In recent years, a wave of AI tools has surged across various fields, and many useful AI tools have been released in the music industry as well.

The music mastering process is a highly skilled skill that requires years of experience, so it’s usually best to leave it to the master. However, it is also a tedious and costly process for many individual musicians and independent producers.

Whether you’re mixing, composing, or drawing inspiration for your compositions, AI includes features that can make the job of music creators a lot easier.

From beginners to professionals, almost everyone welcomes the introduction of AI technology to improve the efficiency of music production.

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