How many streams does BTS have on Spotify?

All modern people consider music as an irreplaceable part of their lives. Taking into account there are no equal people, they all are different, and their tastes and preferences are various, the music industry is ready to suggest something interesting for everyone.

How many streams does BTS have on Spotify?

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One of the most popular music styles at the moment is Kpop. This name basically stands for Korean pop, or to be more precise, South Korean pop. 

The performers of this style have combined in their compositions features of other styles such as:

  • hip-hop;
  • electro;
  • conventional dance music;
  • western pop.

BTS Boyz Band is currently the most famous Kpop performer in the world. These types of artists are commonly referred to as idols, in other words, people who are absolutely perfect in every way. Such performers always keep themselves in shape.

Of course, BTS has fans not only in South Korea. They have at least 70 million fans all over the world. Among them, there are Europeans and a large part of the other English-speaking audience. As a result of its popularity, BTS songs are presented on various streaming platforms, including Spotify.

Based on the information that Spotify’s streaming service is one of the most popular platforms in the world, the largest number of Kpop fans use it to get access to their favorite perfomers’ hits. To imagine the scale, just ask the question, “How many streams does BTS have on Spotify?” The statistics of the service show that the number of their streams exceeds 25 billion. So, BTS songs are ranked number one not only in the Korean songs category but in several others.

Below you can see a list of the five most popular tracks:

  1. Dynamite (almost 1.5 billion streams, which makes this track number 1)
  2. DNA
  3. Boy With Luv
  4. Butter
  5. Fake Love

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