How many times have I listened to a song on Spotify?

Back in 2006, two enthusiastic millionaires by the names of Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon decided to create a music streaming service. They were inspired by Napster (a kind of popular streaming application in the 2000s). As that application eventually closed due to the piracy problem, there appeared a free niche in the market, and Spotify later filled it.

How many times have I listened to a song on Spotify?

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The history of the development of this music platform is quite long and challenging. In the first years of its existence, the owners incurred heavy losses and also faced the problem of piracy.

With time, Spotify’s creators started to sign contracts with famous labels. In such a way, they gained the legal right to host audio content.

In 2008, the streaming service was already available in almost 10 countries, however, it was still in the background. The real popularity came to developers in 2016. The main reasons for the increase in users number and the appreciation among musicians were:

  • regular cash royalties to artists;
  • the development of track personalization features;
  • different tariff plans, among which there was a free version.

At the moment, we can confidently say that Spotify has transformed from an ordinary start-up of Swedish developers into a real streaming giant. According to the statistics, over 400 million users are subscribers of the platform. 

But why this platform attracts people from around the world? There are some significant benefits:

  • the ability to listen to the favorite singers’ songs legally;
  • it is possible to create personal playlists;
  • there are unique algorithms that are capable to pick up music to various tastes;
  • built-in radio function;
  • different tariff plans, including both free and student (has a discount compared to the regular package) versions.
  • mixes that the service creates on the basis of previously listened to songs;
  • simplicity of use and intuitive interface.

So, the advantages of Spotify are quite a lot to start using. But nevertheless, since users tend to analyze their activity lately, they often ask about how many times have I listened to a song on Spotify. Unfortunately, the application does not have this feature due to many circumstances related to marketplaces where you can download the streaming service. Maybe the developers will solve this problem in the future.

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