How many views do you need to get paid on SoundCloud?

SoundCloud was endorsed by all music authors around the world as a platform on which artists can freely publish and promote their music. Since its inception, SoundCloud has significantly expanded the reach of the audience and contributed to the creation of the musical community, expanding the set of useful functions (embedding, analysis, repost, and so on).

SoundCloud since its inception in 2007 has paid more than $500 million to authors, and its corporate value has grown to more than two billion USD. Strengthening the global strategy forced service developers to launch a monetization program.


Only original music content can be downloaded to the service, non-original music will simply be deleted. The track uploaded to the service is moderated during the day. If it is recognized as original, then its author must sign an agreement on the monetization of his work.

The songwriter will be able to receive payments monthly. This is provided for in the terms of the agreement. But to start payments and get the opportunity to withdraw funds, you need to pass the minimum threshold of $100. It is assumed that this amount will be earned by the track due to a certain number of auditions. But what is this number, sometimes it is very difficult to answer.

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To understand the situation, we make an elementary calculation. The service pays for one stream from 0.0025 to 0.004 dollars. This means that a thousand auditions will earn a certain track only from 2.5 to 4 dollars in royalties. Accordingly, it will be possible to get the first hundred dollars of profit from musical streaming with a number of auditions from 25 to 40 thousand. This figure may seem huge to beginners, but in fact it is not great at all. For example, there are tracks and albums that gain billions of streams monthly.

As we see, the size of payments varies significantly. It directly depends on the country in which he auditioned, as well as the net profit from advertising that the service receives for a certain period. As a rule, one month is considered such. Monthly, the owners of the company decide what percentage of the profit will be distributed among the authors of musical compositions as royalties.

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