How Many Views Do You Need To Make Money On SoundCloud?

Earnings on music streaming has become not only commonplace, but also turned into almost the only source of income for artists during the global pandemic.

You will receive a share of the revenue from listening in the respective countries. This means that the number of plays used to calculate payments will be different from the total number of plays you see in the app. You can verify that you have monetization enabled by checking the settings of the respective track.

Please note that any money earned from tracks that have been distributed to SoundCloud through a label or distributor will be subject to your contract with the label or distributor and must appear in your regular royalty claims from the label or distributor.

Once you have signed your agreement with SoundCloud Premier, which is required to receive royalties, you can request monetization of your tracks, which can take up to 24 hours. If the track is approved, a blue icon will appear next to it, which means that the track will be monetized. When you get the opportunity to enable monetization, you will be notified in your account.

If a track you’re trying to monetize is found to be infringing, the track will be removed from SoundCloud, but you’ll be able to file a copyright dispute.

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The music streaming service allocates 55% of its revenue to payouts to artists. This is the largest percentage of royalty payments that such a world-class platform offers.

Monetization of hosted content is possible only in certain countries in which SoundCloud officially operates. If the artist lives in one of these countries, then he will need to virtually change his location using the VPN service. Earnings on SoundCloud is possible only in countries where the PayPal service operates, since this payment system is the main means of payment for the monetization of SoundCloud Premier. Unfortunately, some countries do not support PayPal.

There is also a minimum number of streams that are required to start the track monetization process. This number is from 5000 threads. You can also start withdrawing funds if the artist’s virtual account has accumulated at least five dollars.

Some artists complain that they cannot start monetization. Typically, this may be due to the fact that the $5 threshold has not been reached or the content has not reached the minimum required number of streams.

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