How Much Data Does Deezer Use Per Hour?

Today, it seems that the days when people listened to and stored music on physical media, such as cassettes, CDs, vinyl records, and so on, are long gone. In the modern world, all this has been replaced by music streaming.

Even music industry experts cannot name the exact number of music streaming services that operate in the world today. It is believed that at the moment there are about one thousand of them. Among these services are the undisputed world market leaders, such as the Swedish streaming service Spotify, and there are many obscure regional and even national music streaming platforms.

But music streaming also has a dark side to the moon. The fact is that listening to streaming music, like watching streaming video, requires a high consumption of Internet traffic. Many operators provide it in fairly limited quantities. The same problem exists with most mobile operators.

Therefore, users who try to save Internet traffic automatically listen to less streaming music. Such a user ceases to subscribe to music streaming platforms, and automatically falls out of the category of music fans.

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Therefore, many people have a question about how much traffic is required to listen to streaming music and, in particular, the French music streaming service Deezer? He has a lot of fans not only in France itself, where he was born in 2007, but all over the world. Today Deezer operates in 185 countries on all continents, with the exception of China, India and several other countries.

So, for the understanding of Deezer fans and subscribers, we present the following data:

• Low quality audio (96kpps) uses 0.72MB per minute and 43.2MB per hour.

• Medium quality audio (160kbps) uses 1.20MB per minute and 72MB per hour.

• High quality audio (320kbps) uses 2.40MB per minute and 115.2MB per hour.

But these are average figures, because no one can give an exact figure in a certain place and for a certain musical composition.

The higher the quality of the music content being played, the more Internet traffic you consume per hour. If you are not very picky about sound quality, then we recommend setting the sound quality to minimum or medium if you, for example, listen to audio somewhere on the go on your smartphone. Of course, this does not apply to particularly avid music lovers who listen to music on high-end playback devices. In this case, there can be no talk of any savings in Internet traffic.

Knowing the terms of your tariff plan, you can calculate how many hours of listening to music and watching videos you can afford each month.

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