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How Much Data Does Hulu Consume?

The American streaming video service Hulu is rightfully considered one of the best in the world. It has a huge video library and high quality broadcast video content. In addition, this service can be obtained at a fairly reasonable price.

But beginners who have not yet mastered this video hosting often ask a lot of questions, among which one of the most important is the question of the amount of data consumed when running a streaming video service.

Hulu has no limits on the number of devices you can use. So you can watch videos on your TV or computer at home and enjoy them on your smartphone or tablet when you go out.

Even if the TV or smartphone used to watch Hulu breaks down, it’s very convenient to be able to replace it with another device due to the fact that the number of devices is not limited.

But there is a significant caveat – these devices cannot be used simultaneously. That is, you can watch your favorite series on only one device. If you want to continue watching on another, then the first will have to be disconnected from the Hulu broadcast.

The Hulu app version has a download feature that allows you to download content directly to your smartphone or tablet. For example, if you download all the movie you like at once on your home Wi-Fi, you can watch the video offline when you are not at home. Even if you want to watch videos on your smartphone while traveling but worry about the amount of data, this method allows you to watch videos without worrying about the data.

Downloaded videos can be viewed offline, so you can enjoy them even if you can’t connect to the Internet.

For example, if you go hiking in a place where radio waves are difficult to reach, such as in the mountains or on the beach, and you want to watch a video with everyone, you can download it and enjoy the video without worrying about the Internet environment. A theater camp is also suitable, where you can relax and enjoy TV shows and films by the fire.

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As you know, images and videos are data, so they have a size. If it is a photo or image, the size of the data depends on the size and quality. For video, the length and quality affect the size of the data.

Tariff plans for smartphones and mobile phones are designed in such a way that the more data that can be used, the higher the price. For this reason, it is obvious but important to choose the data capacity that suits you.

The amount of data transferred depends on the image quality setting.

  • At its highest quality, it consumes about 0.9 GB of data per hour.
  • If you want to watch videos in good quality, then the amount of data consumed will be about 5.6 GB.
  • If you want to watch a movie in standard playback quality, then in this case you can count on the consumption of about 4.1 GB per hour.

So, if you want to save data or simply have to do it because you are limited in the amount of traffic, then you can choose the standard playback quality. In this case, you can reduce data consumption by about half.

The ability to independently adjust the amount of data consumed when watching Hulu is a very effective way to optimize data consumption, and this greatly increases the attractiveness of the streaming video service itself.

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