How Much Did Rihanna Make From The Super Bowl?

The heated debate and discussion about Rihanna’s highly anticipated Super Bowl 2023 performance continues unabated. Many fans of the star are interested in the question of how much their idol could earn during this stellar performance?

The singer put on a legendary Super Bowl halftime show. On Sunday, February 12, 2023, the whole world watched the Super Bowl. This sporting event attracts millions of spectators every year. This NFL Finals is also famous for its legendary halftime show. In each episode, artists are selected to perform within a few minutes.

Rihanna got lucky this year. An announcement that had the effect of an exploding bomb on the singer’s fans. Indeed, more than six years have passed since the artist released an album and did not give concerts. Therefore, his return was eagerly awaited. For almost 13 minutes, Rihanna performed her greatest hits.

An additional surprise was that the singer announced live that she was pregnant with her second child.

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Perhaps many fans of the megastar will be disappointed to learn that their idol earned next to nothing for this performance. Indeed, all the artists who perform in the Super Bowl finals receive almost no salary. Many of them already believe that being elected is a huge privilege. On several occasions, members of the NFL confirmed that: “The artists were not paid. We only cover costs and production,” NFL spokeswoman Joanna Hunter told Forbes.

In addition to announcing her pregnancy in front of millions of viewers, Rihanna also created an event by promoting her own beauty brand. Indeed, as she plays two songs, the young woman powders her nose with a product from the Fenty Beauty range.

At that moment, the search for this brand began on the Web, which suddenly became very popular. With her return, Rihanna also made Super Bowl history. Her performance is the second most popular since the inception of these halftime shows.

Obviously, Rihanna’s fans are thrilled. No one expected him to return to the forefront of the music scene. And today it is done. Indeed, millions of viewers were able to admire Riri’s show. Almost 13 minutes of the concert, during which the singer performed her biggest hits. In her set list, everyone will find something for themselves: “Umbrella”, “Where have you been” or even “Diamonds”.

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