How much do artists earn from Deezer?

There is an opinion that art, including music, should be free and accessible. But all work must be paid, and that is why many streaming services pay artists for their songs streamings. Deezer is one of them, and it rewards artists for their work. But how much do artists earn from Deezer and what factors affect the profit amount artists can receive.

How much do artists earn from Deezer?

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The most important thing to remember is that Deezer pays artists for every stream. A stream is valid if someone listens to your song for half a minute. If the person listens to your song for 29 seconds, then it doesn’t count as a successful stream. So, the more you want to earn, the more streams you need.

In fact, a lot of factors influence the amount of money, and it can vary a lot every month.

Firstly, it depends on how many times people who use the free version of Deezer view ads between tracks on the service. The more people view the ads, the more it will affect Deezer’s overall monthly revenue percentage. Therefore, performers’ incomes are different.

Also, for artists who publish their songs on Deezer, incomes will be affected by how many people have paid for the subscription and what kind of tariffs they have chosen.

Moreover, each artist’s income depends on how many people have used the service in ta certain month.

In general, income from streams depends on the percentage of streams in relation to the total number of streams on the service. So, there is no fixed fee for each stream on the platform.

On average, an artist receives $0.0064 per stream, but again, payments are not fixed and depend on many factors.

Your income is also influenced by whether you have signed a contract with a certain label or not, how big the label is, or how your promoters work. Therefore, if you haven’t invested in your creative development, it will be harder to get more streams, and therefore pay.

That is, in order for you to earn at least one dollar, your song needs to get at least 150 streams on the song. You should realize that publicity and proper pitching are very important in order to get as many streamers as possible for every song.

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