How Much Do Artists Get Paid To Stream?

What is the best service to pay for music streaming? This question is very relevant for many artists, because today the music industry is almost completely dependent on streaming services, which generate about 80% of its profits.

Streaming is a major source of income for record labels as well. And this market is still dominated by Spotify with 44.33% of total revenue and 36% of the streaming market share. YouTube Content ID, despite accounting for 51% of all plays, accounts for only 6.4% of revenue from this market.

The values ​​do not include distribution fees. In cases where there are multiple price tiers and structures (such as Spotify), they are all added up and separated to create a single average cost per play.

Currently, Spotify receives about 10,000 new songs a day, in addition to having over 380 million users, which is why it is considered the most important digital platform in the phonographic scene.

However, despite its great fame and popularity, the streaming giant pays only $0.00348 on average, even though it has over 36% market share.

The Swedish green giant’s huge user base and maximum geographic coverage largely offset the relatively low artist pay. Many see this streaming service as a tool to develop their musical career.

Amazon Music, launched in 2007, is an Amazon-operated music streaming platform and online music store that reached 55 million active users worldwide as of last year.

Created by Jeff Bezos, the service best rewards musicians by paying around 0.01123 US cents to listen to each track.

Deser is available to users in over 180 countries. With over 73 million listeners, this music platform is currently one of the most popular among music lovers.

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The French service, whose form of remuneration has already undergone some changes in recent years, currently pays about 0.00562 US cents for each playback of the artist’s music content. In its payment policy, the service is certainly one of the most honest with the artist’s work, as it has a “decent” channel monetization model that allows you to earn rewards higher than those offered by other streaming applications.

Apple Music, one of today’s most popular streaming services, owned by US electronics giant Apple, earns musicians a total of 0.00675 US cents every time their song is played.

Ranked among the world’s leading streaming platforms, Tidal is one of the newest music services that was founded by rapper Jay Z in October 2014 and aims to be an app that pays almost double the royalties of its competitors for every song played, giving artists around 0 .00876 US cents per print.

Music streaming service and online radio Pandora is only available in the United States. Pandora, one of the nation’s largest ad-supported streaming services, pays singers an average of 0.00203 US cents per play.

Youtube Music, developed by Youtube and launched in 2015, has the lowest pay-per-play of these services, paying around 0.00022 US cents per play.

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