How Much Do Beatmakers Earn?

The music and audio production industry is huge and has just as much money in it. But not everyone knows how to profit from their talent or hobby. With the transition to quarantine and remote work, many have the time and inspiration to develop skills. Someone had a forced need to monetize their talent.

One talent and the desire to realize it is not enough. In any business, you will need a focus on the chosen direction, high-quality instruments, musical equipment and effective promotion. If a potential sponsor can help you with the equipment, then you will have to decide on your own promotion and direction of activity.

Beatmaking is directly related to the rise and rise of hip-hop and rap culture. Many beat writers were drawn to the apparent simplicity of musical compositions. However, the creation of beats, like other work in the musical field, depends not only on talent, but also requires hard work and constant development. The good news is that this industry continues to grow and there are more opportunities for implementation.

Before talking about selling, it is worth understanding the concept of licensing. The license entitles the buyer to use the track in accordance with the terms of sale. There is a whole classification of types of Creative Commons licenses that secure copyright for the creator of music content. We are also interested in slightly different types of licenses: exclusive and non-exclusive. While bits with the second type of license can be sold an unlimited number of times, samples and compositions with an exclusive license are sold to one person or company, which acquires unlimited rights to it. An exclusive license is more expensive, but it does not bring money again.

The level of earnings on the sale of beats depends on your experience, the place of sale and the type of license. A beat with a non-exclusive license from a beginner can cost from 10 USD, from an average musician – from $20, and from a professional – from $70.

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In fact, prices for exclusive licenses of individual beats can reach several thousand dollars, it all depends on the talent, the quality of the track, the name of the beatmaker and the artists with whom he worked.

If you do not have a reputation as a cool beatmaker and a circle of regular customers, you will have to start from the very beginning. The most accessible way of promotion is social networks. You can post beats on your pages or in specialized publics. They can also serve as a source of customer acquisition.

A more advanced level is beat stores or beat stores. They work on the principle of a marketplace, where anyone can sell or buy a track. BeatStars and Airbit are considered the most advanced platforms where you can sell your beats. Usually bit-stores provide several tariff plans for authors. With free hosting, the store takes a commission on the sale of your beat, so sometimes it’s better to consider a paid plan.

As you develop, it would be nice to get your own website with examples of work. Firstly, this is the rule of any modern business, and secondly, this way you can work without intermediaries. Additionally, it is worth using SoundCloud for the presentation and further sale of your tracks. Sharing compositions by subscribers not only introduces you to the community, but can also bring a potential buyer.

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