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How much do radio stations pay to play a song?

Copyright is a means of protecting intellectual property. If the author wrote the song, the rights to it belong to him from the moment of any fixation: on paper, on stage, in the Internet.

But if the author wants to send her to the radio or questions arise with respect for his rights, it will be necessary to take care of the evidence. With registered copyrights, you can monetize  music not only at concerts and sales, but also through its use on the radio.

Radio pays royalties to the author of the musical composition. At the same time, the performer can receive percent of the income, but this will be only a part of the author’s income. In the United States, royalty payments have features. Most radio stations and songwriters and artists are usually paid fees every time their music is heard on the radio. However, this is not the case in the United States. In the American music industry, only songwriters and their publishers (copyright holders for the composition) receive broadcast fees.

The amount of copyright remuneration paid may differ in different countries by ten times. To understand, we will give an example of the United States. In this country, the average fee for a single play of a song by a commercial radio station is from 4 to 7 dollars. Much depends on the rating of the radio itself and the number of its listeners.

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In some countries, especially in Africa, Asia and Latin America, as well as in some CIS countries, copyright is practically not respected, so the authors may not receive anything at all.

If the author found  music on a platform, but did not host it there, you need to send a request to delete the content. Find the «Complain» button, indicating the reason for the «Copyright Infringement» and, if necessary, describe the disputed situation. If the author has a contract with a distributor or label, they must track such violations.

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