How much do you get paid for 1 million Spotify plays?

Earnings on music streaming today have become very popular. Representatives of the music industry began to pay special attention to the earnings of music streaming services during the world pandemic, when live performances became a temporarily inaccessible type of earnings.

The global streaming market is developing exponentially. Sometimes it is not always easy to navigate his labyrinths, maximizing  income with the help of streaming services.

In particular, the swedish streaming service Spotify, which has already paid more than $16 billion in royalties, is considered one of the most popular music streaming platforms for earning royalties.

Statistics claims that for one listening to composition, the performer who posted it on Spotify receives an average of 0.004 dollars from him. The contractor receives the entire 10-20% from the income of the service. Payment for one million flows varies, for example, from $850 in Argentina to $5,479 in Norway. The level of payments is subject to fluctuations that depend on:

• total net income of the music streaming platform;

• agreed global interest on total net income payments to executors;

• total quantity of auditions on the service;

• the quantity of listenings to the content of a certain performer claiming royalties.

Any performer will face variability in  income on Spotify, as on any other streaming music service. Also, the level of income will depend on who and, which is important, where exactly listens to your compositions.

The quantity of auditions is influenced by several factors at once, in addition to the conditional popularity of the artist: the mass nature of the genre in which he plays (can a track be put on the playlist of some institution), the presence of listeners abroad (where the subscription cost is higher), the number of songs available to the artist and getting into popular playlists services.

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Country, language and the quantity of paid subscribers who have listened to a certain music track also matter. The more economically developed the country –  the more money is invested in advertising, the higher the subscription cost and, accordingly, the profit of the streaming service itself.

Editors of the megapopular swedish streaming service Spotify recommend downloading music in advance and carefully treating genre tags when publishing.

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