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How much does a blanket music license cost?

A blanket music license is a type of copyright license that grants the use of copyrighted music for an indefinite period. It covers all forms of usage and provides more flexibility than other licenses. The cost can vary depending on what you want to do with the music, how long you want to use it, and who owns the song (the performer or the record company). 

The cost for a blanket music license varies depending on whether it’s non-interactive (meaning the listener cannot request songs) or interactive (meaning they can) plus a few othe factors. 

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Blanket licenses are most often used by businesses that have no other way of acquiring the right to play copyrighted music, such as restaurants and retail stores. They allow those entities to play any song they want, without negotiating with each individual copyright holder. The price paid depends on how many songs you want to be able to play and where you plan on playing them.

So, to sum up, the answer varies greatly due to geography but as one example an ASCAP (don’t let the name break your composure) costs $225 a year. Find out more here. Ciao!

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