How Much Does A Dual Spotify Account Cost?

Hundreds of millions of music lovers from all over the world use the popular Spotify streaming service. This music platform has proved to be so convenient and informative in the field of music content that it attracts more and more people who love to listen to music always. This is facilitated not only by high-quality sound and a huge library of musical content (however, they also play an important role), but also by profitable offers for subscribers.

In fact, the Spotify streaming service has several Premium subscription plans that have analogues among the subscriptions to the services of some other popular streaming platforms. These are the individual subscription, which is basic, the family subscription, which allows you to connect up to six devices, and the premium subscription for students, which offers a big discount on the individual plan.

The Duo Premium subscription deserves special attention, since this particular tariff plan is exclusive both in terms of price and in terms of available services. A similar Spotify Duo tariff plan is hard to find on other equally well-known streaming platforms.

The price is one of the factors that attract users and make them change their tariff plan to a Premium Duo subscription. Indeed, the cost of this Spotify subscription is very attractive. It’s lower than two subscriptions, lower than a family plan, and only $14.99 per month. This figure is relevant for residents of the United States of America, but you need to remember that in different countries the price of a Spotify subscription may vary.

Now we need to figure out why such a price is attractive, because the individual tariff plan of Spotify is cheaper. The thing is, and this fact is a huge advantage, that the Spotify Duo subscription gives you the opportunity to have two different accounts. Let’s take a closer look.

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For example, two people for some reason decided to live together. And both of them would like to remain subscribers to Spotify. In such a situation, they would each have to pay $10.99 per month for an individual subscription. That is, together they would pay about $20. This is where the Premium Duo plan comes in very handy. Not only will such users save money, they will also remain full-fledged users of their account.

That is, the music they love and the personal playlists they have so carefully collected all this time will not disappear. Musical recommendations will also be given individually. In addition, a password is provided for a personal account in case the user wants to keep his musical preferences secret. But he can always exchange or share music with his partner.

It should be noted that Premium Duo is only available for two. However, there is one more prerequisite. This couple must live together, that is, have the same address. If this condition is violated, Spotify, after some verification, automatically transfers the user to an individual tariff plan.

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