How Much Does A Family Subscription To Deezer Cost?

With Deezer Family, you can listen to music in high quality without ads and other restrictions for the whole family. The family plan allows you to connect up to 6 individual accounts at the same time, the owners of which can enjoy their own playlists, favorite tracks and personal Flow recommendations. Deezer Family members will be able to simultaneously connect up to 13 different gadgets: phones, PCs, smart speakers and more. Subscribers have the opportunity to listen to their favorite tracks on all devices at the same time, so everyone can enjoy their own music without losing playback quality.

It is also important that the Deezer Family tariff plan has the ability to create individual profiles for children so that their parents can be sure that the younger generation is listening to appropriate content without obscene language. You can also get special selections of children’s songs and tracks for younger students.

Subscribers have access to only a huge multimillion-dollar media library, but the entire range of music service services, as well as the standard high quality sound of musical compositions. Music streaming technology is in great demand today, so Deezer boldly entered the market, increasing the number of subscriptions every day. The official opening and development of Deezer in new regional and local markets is one of the strategic priorities of the French company, which has been constantly developing since its introduction in 2007 and therefore today operates in almost 200 countries around the world.

Those users who ask themselves the question of how much the Deezer Family subscription costs can not worry – the cost of this tariff plan will be only 14.99 € per month. Funds are debited from the main account. The first month you can use the service absolutely free. If, for any reason, the user does not want to continue using the Deezer streaming service, then he can cancel the subscription at any time.

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Fans of music streaming will be interested to know about the cost of a subscription to Deezer, whose music library today exceeds 90 million tracks.

Deezer Free provides the opportunity to use the service completely free of charge, but with limited functionality. For those who use Deezer for free, the entire music library of the service is available, as well as the track mix function.

Deezer Premium will cost subscribers €10.99 per month and they will be able to access it for free for 30 calendar days. Those who have subscribed to the Premium tariff package have access to the entire huge media library, they will not be bothered by intrusive advertising, if they wish, they can skip tracks. In addition, the service will be available offline.

The Deezer terms of use do not impose any additional obligations on subscribers, and they can cancel the subscription itself at any time if they wish.

The French music streaming service has gained a lot of fans all over the world thanks in large part to its high sound quality, which is noticeably higher than that of its competitors.

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