How Much Does An Annual Subscription To Spotify Cost?

Many users of the Spotify music streaming service have already highly appreciated its merits and cannot imagine their life without musical accompaniment along with this music service. For them, the benefits of Spotify are obvious, now you need to think about a more profitable subscription.

As you know, Spotify has four Premium subscriptions:

  • Individual (basic subscription for one account).
  • Student (only when student status is confirmed).
  • Duo (two accounts in one subscription).
  • Family (up to 6 accounts).

 Each of these subscriptions is interesting and profitable in its own way and involves a certain monthly payment. The price depends on the user’s region of residence. For example, in the US, an individual subscription costs $9.99 and a family subscription costs $14.99 per month.

Payment is possible in several ways, depending on its availability in your country. Basically, this is payment by bank, prepaid or gift card, but sometimes subscribers pay for Premium subscription services through a telecom operator.

The main type of payment declared by Spotify is a monthly payment. But there are other periods of regular payment. You can select the desired period during the direct registration of the Premium subscription. Note that you can subscribe both directly in Spotify and using the services of third parties. In any case, the user will be prompted to select the type of payment and the period of regularity of payments. Practice shows that paying for a longer period involves some discounts. For example, if you pay for a Premium subscription for a year in advance, then in the end you save an amount equivalent to the cost of up to two months of subscription. If the user has a desire to take advantage of such a discount, it is still better for him to take into account several important aspects.

First, you need to understand that after making a payment for 12 months, the service will be available all this time. In other words, the user must be sure that within 12 months the desire to use the services of this subscription will not disappear and will not want to replace it with another one. This also applies to the desire to use the Spotify service in general. In addition, many third parties who subscribe only provide an annual payment option for the Spotify Individual Premium Subscription.

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There is another very important point that you need to pay attention to when subscribing for 12 months. A subscription condition can only apply to a specific version. If you change this version of the application to another, the subscription may not be valid. Therefore, you need to carefully study the terms of the agreement.

Today, Spotify gift cards are very common. You can buy them, for example, at some gas stations or electrical stores. With a gift card, you can pay for a period from one to twelve months, but only with an individual Premium subscription.

So we advise the user to think over all the points and carefully read all the offers when purchasing a Spotify Premium subscription for a year in order to really save their budget and enjoy music with Spotify.

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