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How Much Does An Apple Music Subscription Cost?

Today, more and more people arise who want to listen to their favorite music not only in their free time, but throughout the day. As a result, the music industry is rapidly developing. There are already many streaming music services that allow you to listen to and manage any kind of music. One of the most popular music streaming services is Apple Music.

The Apple Music streaming service began its history in 2015. It was actively developed, but still it was designed more for fans of the Apple company. Over time, this service became available to a wider audience of music lovers, and now owners of computers or gadgets based on Android can freely use this music service.

Apple Music’s music library has over 90 million tracks, and the sound quality has remained high and competitive for many years.

All these facts are the reason why more and more music lovers want to listen to their favorite music using Apple Music. And given that this music service provides a trial month of free use, many have already appreciated the convenience and benefits of the Apple Music service and are now interested in the cost of a paid subscription.

It should be noted right away that after using the trial version, a paid individual subscription is automatically issued. This means that as soon as the free period ends, you need to be prepared for the fact that the money for the subscription will be debited from the account. So, if the listener is not ready for such a development of events and does not intend to use Apple Music further, he should cancel the free subscription in time.

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But in the event that the subscriber wishes to continue using the Apple Music streaming service on a paid basis, he should choose the subscription option that is most suitable for him.

  1. The Individual subscription includes listening to music without ads, access to the entire library and playlists, searching for the desired track, album, and favorite radio station using the voice assistant Siri, compiling your own media library, listening to friends’ music and more. Such a subscription for users in the United States of America will cost $9.99.
  2. The Student subscription offers the same features as the Individual Subscription, but is priced at half the price. This subscription requires confirmation from the Higher Educational Institution that the user is a student. If this confirmation is present, then the student subscription will be valid during the entire period of study.
  3. The Family subscription can be beneficial for relatives who live at the same address. In addition to all the availability of basic functionality, it also implies certain advantages. Here, for $14.99 per month (US), you can have up to six users, and each can have their own media library. Musical recommendations will also be individual for each family member.

It should be noted that not all countries will have the same subscription to Apple Music. Apple is loyal to its consumers and, understanding their financial capabilities in a particular country, does not want to deprive them of the pleasure of enjoying their favorite music. Therefore, the price of an Apple Music subscription in the Netherlands, Belgium and the United States is higher than in other countries. The lowest subscription price is in Turkey, India, Nigeria and Kazakhstan.

Of course, each user will decide on what conditions it is more profitable for him to listen to music. We only note that it is always possible to switch from one Apple Music subscription to another, as well as cancel the subscription altogether.

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