How much does Apple Music pay for 1 million streams?

In the context of the crisis of the global music market, representatives of the music industry pay attention to streaming services. It is earnings in music streaming that becomes the main income in the difficult conditions of the coronavirus pandemic, when it is not possible to hold live concerts in front of the audience.

You can get royalties for placing a musical composition on most streaming services, but musicians try to choose exactly where the profit is more. But the popularity of the streaming service itself is also of great importance, which is important for the development of the artist’s musical career.

When choosing a streaming service on which it is best to place music for income, artists most often choose several of the most famous, among which Apple Music stands out. The reason for such an active interest in him was the relatively high level of royalty that he pays musicians.

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Apple Music pays about $0.0076 per listen. Accordingly, the service will pay $7,600 for a million auditions. But you should not be especially happy, because directly the performer of the song will receive only from 20 to 30 percent of this amount. The rest of the money will go to payments to music producers, music authors, and so on. The singer himself will receive only $1,500-2,500 for one million auditions of his musical track.

But the royalty figure is not static, it largely depends on the total quantity of listenings on the streaming service, on its net profit, as well as on the percentage of net profit that streaming owners pay to performers. Much depends on the language of the song and the country in which it is most popular and where it is most listened to. The most popular and profitable is the еnglish-language music content.

Profits largely depend on the quantity of paid subscribers and on the funds received for advertising. The global average cost of paid subscriptions is about 10 US dollars.

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