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How much does Beatport cost?

The brand name Beatport is known to all fans of high-quality music that are willing to pay money to buy it. Actually, it’s a special virtual shop where performers can either buy tracks or sell them.

How much does Beatport cost?

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However, not so long ago, the manufacturers decided to completely change the concept of their businesses by creating Beatport Link on the basis of the Beatport app.

The specifics of the new program

Bitport Link is a special service that was designed for DJs. Its main advantage is that the full version of any track can be found on the platform. Moreover, you can find the original compositions, not remixes.

With Beatport Link, you have the great possibility to mix different tracks both offline and online. It is worth mentioning the special feature called Cloud. It allows you to download purchased tracks an unlimited number of times. Also, you will get access to the useful My Library section. On top of that, with the Cloud feature, you have the perfect option to listen to up to 120 seconds of the selected song before you purchase it.

How much does Beatport cost?

The producers offer users two main types of subscriptions. The basic one for $14.99/month and the Pro version for $29.99/month.

What does the basic subscription give you:

  • the web version of the product;
  • Cloud feature with all its advantages;
  • an unlimited number of music and playlists in the library;
  • full versions of tracks without any corrections from other DJs;
  • access to a personalized library;
  • playback of tracks in AAC (128kbps) format.

If you select the Pro version, it allows you to get all the listed features. Moreover, this type of subscription will make some additional advantages available:

  • an improved music playback quality (AAC 256kbps);
  • extra storage space for offline tracks (+50).

Moreover, if you have some doubts about what to choose, it is possible to use a free trial period to find out all the details. It lasts for one month. After this period, you should make a decision about the paid version of the Bitport Link app.

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