How much does Deezer pay per stream?

At the moment, the music sector is more developed than at any other time in history. Thousands of concerts take place all over the world every day. And millions of talented artists flood the world’s stages. 

How much does Deezer pay per stream?

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However, because of these developments, it has become harder for novice artists to find their audience and become popular. In order to get recognition and love from the public, musicians have been writing songs and trying to perform anywhere they could for years.

With the advent of streaming platforms, things have become a little easier for newcomers. The developers of such music platforms try their best to support novice singers. Therefore, at the moment, there are great opportunities for career advancement.

To start your way as an artist you should definitely consider placing your works on streaming platforms. Of course, you can hire a special company to promote your tracks for this purpose. However, if you don’t have much money, there are other alternatives.

Post your music yourself. The music service Deezer, for example, offers a fairly simple procedure for placing new content. Moreover, this platform offers great features for newcomers, as it is committed to helping them:

  • the possibility to put your creativity into a special playlist for beginner singers;
  • the opportunity to create and manage your own playlists;
  • the chance to earn money according to how many times your tracks have been recorded.

As you can see, there are a number of opportunities. But, is it possible to get any royalties for your work? How much does Deezer pay per stream? And how much is a million streams on Deezer?

Of course, earning money from the things you enjoy is possible. The Deezer platform offers artists $0.0064 per stream. That means that if your track is listened to, for instance, 1 million times, you’ll be able to earn $6,400. Moreover, besides royalties for streaming, you may get an additional income. Its size depends on how many playlists you have and how many people with premium accounts listen to you.

Just imagine if you place your songs on 10 or more streaming services. You could earn quite a bit of money to boost your career! Just take the chance that the music industry offers you.

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