How much does Drake make from Spotify?

Obrie Drake Graham is a Canadian rapper who was born in Toronto. He is both a songwriter and a performer. Drake is also a music producer and is considered a successful entrepreneur. Drake has a unique musical style that sets him apart from his colleagues.

The world renowned music streaming service Spotify named Drake the most popular performer of the service of the past decade in December 2019. He also holds the absolute world record for the number of listens on world streaming services – more than 50 billion. This figure was recorded at the beginning of 2021. Of these, 35.7 billion are Drake’s own streams and another 14.3 billion are songs recorded by the popular rapper in collaboration with other artists. It should be said that it is Drake who leads the top artists on the streaming music service Spotify for the third year in a row.

Drake’s income from music streaming is respected by even the most important members of the music industry. For example, his hit «Scorpion» brought the author one million dollars in the first 24 hours of views.

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Forbes magazine ranked Drake the fifth richest performer in the world in its annual rankings, with an estimated net worth of $ 250 million. Spotify alone paid the rap artist $ 210 million in royalties to his fellow copyright holders for the recorded music. But not all of the money goes directly to Drake, as the producers, recording studios, and so on are involved. They get their share of the artist’s earnings from music streaming too.

A partnership agreement has been signed between Drake and the popular streaming service, which ensures that the service has a constant supply of fresh compositions by the canadian rapper and compliance with his copyright, and the performer himself has an increased level of royalty payments.

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