How Much Does It Cost Bandcamp?

If you are serious about making money on your musical compositions, then you should consider Bandcamp as one of the promising platforms. This online music store can offer very good terms of cooperation.

Bandcamp is easy to use, performs flawlessly, and attracts a wide range of users, making it the platform of choice for free music publishing for good reason. In addition, creating a personal account is quick and easy, and through a free account, you can enter the professional art scene. To do this, the artist must take advantage of this channel, otherwise great marketing opportunities will be excluded.

Registration on this site is free, which gives you the opportunity to sell your songs by choosing the price, and has a large audience of listeners who can’t wait to discover new artists. If you are a performer of an obscure musical genre, then Bandcamp may be your best ally.

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By registering on the site via a shared email address, you can decide whether to be approached as an artist selling our music both physically and streaming, or as a label, in which case you can use Bandcamp pro which, however, it is paid (10$).

Registering on the site is free: just click on enter by selecting “artist” and a page will open where you will enter a username, password, email address, artist or group name.

When selling a penalty, the site takes a commission of 15% of the price. The platform guarantees artists direct financial support without intermediaries, processing payments to artists in less than 48 hours, of which it retains approximately 15% from every digital sale and 10% from every merchandise purchase.

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