How Much Does Sibelius 7.5 Cost?

Sibelius is an intelligent, multifunctional and high-performance sheet music editor that greatly facilitates the process of creating music and designing music projects.

Avid’s Sibelius 7.5 score editor was presented at NAMM in February 2014. This is the first major program update since 2011. The new version of the program contains all the features of Sibelius 7, as well as a number of improvements. It is important to emphasize that version 7.5 is not a free update for 7.0 like any 7.1.X. This is an independent, full-fledged program with its own purchase and upgrade scheme.

The version of the program can be purchased only by registering on the website and creating a personal account on the Avid website. The price of the full version of Sibelius 7.5 is $ 599, the update will cost $ 199. There is an option to purchase the program for educational purposes (Academic), it costs $ 295. The peculiarity of the educational version of Sibelius 7.5 is that it is sold at a discount and can only be purchased with a certificate from the educational institution.

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You can also download a fully functional 30-day trial version of Sibelius on the official website. The only limitation is that for the trial, they do not allow downloading the sound library. After entering the name and country, the download page opens. Trials available for PC and Mac. Pressing the download button starts downloading a 1.2 GB zip file of the Sibelius_7.5.0 distribution kit.

In addition to Sibelius 7.5, you can additionally install 36 GB of sound library files. The sounds are all the same as in the 7th version of the program. There is even a way to upgrade the 7th version to 7.5 without reinstalling this library. However, minor tuning has affected individual instruments.

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The 36GB sound library is divided into over 550 individual patches and hundreds of thousands of individual samples. This collection contains exclusive content from high quality sounds, including even the rarest instruments used in a brass band, such as a church organ, Wagner tuba or alto flute.

The most significant innovations in the program concerned its navigation, performance, playback, the ability to transfer songs to other devices and post them in social networks. According to the manufacturer, in Sibelius 7.5 the composer will hear the work exactly as it was intended, because the new program better reads marks for wind instruments and for tempo, accents of performance, and so on.

As a rule, new versions of Sibelius are released every two years: in late spring or early summer. After about a year, there is a revision, error correction, improvement of functions, then the cycle repeats.

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