How Much Does Sibelius First Cost?

The popular sheet music editor from Avid Sibelius is used by many composers, musicians and teachers around the world. However, there is a price to pay for rich opportunities.

From concert halls and recording studios to record stores and educational institutions, more and more composers, arrangers and educators use Sibelius – the best music score editor. Nothing enhances the sound of a piece like Sibelius does. Avid’s software offers unique capabilities to help you realize your full potential as a composer or arranger.

This program allows you to transform music data into notes. The popularity of the program is due to its convenient and simple interface. That is why professional authors and music lovers work with Sibelius. Avid acquired Sibelius in 2006. And after that, the software began to be constantly improved by programmers.

Sibelius First

The Sibelius product line has undergone significant changes following a massive rebranding of all Avid software. The First series products are intended for professionals who are just starting out. The middle rung is a broader and more customizable solution that will provide professionals with a standard set of tools. The Ultimate series products are the most complete and functional software for individuals and creative teams.

Try it free

For those who do not need all the functionality or use the music editor from time to time, Avid has released a free trial version of Sibelius First. The free Sibelius First can handle 4 instrument parts, offers cloud storage for 10 scores, and basic editing capabilities.

• Score Starter: starter templates for different musical genres and popular instruments;

• Up to 4 instruments in one project;

• Functions of viewing, playback, editing and transposition of the score;

• Ability to leave comments and annotations to the game;

• Support for diagrams and schemes of guitar chords;

• Ability to enter information from a MIDI keyboard;

• Convert scores to guitar tablature and vice versa;

• Ability to enter text, headings and other text information;

• Access to cloud storage of scores, storage of up to 10 projects in the cloud;

• To use the program, you must create a free account on the Avid website.

If the possibilities at some point prove to be insufficient, the user can switch to the paid version of the program by paying for a premium subscription.

Try it free