How much does SoundCloud pay for 1000 streams?

The streaming music service is SoundCloud well established in the league of websites for streaming music, so it is not surprising why it continues to flourish even in conditions of fierce competition. This service directly combines the functions of music streaming and the social network, which significantly increases its level of popularity among users.

After the user signs an agreement with the streaming service, he will be able to request monetization of the posted composition on the service. The processing of the request by the moderation service will last at least a day. In the case where the moderation service approves the track, a blue icon appears next to it, meaning that the track is monetized. In this case, a letter is received to the author’s email address. The author will be able to immediately begin monetization and withdrawal of funds after a notification of the possibility of monetization and withdrawal of funds appears in his account.

SoundCloud pay for 1000 streams

There is no definite answer to the question of how much you can earn on one thousand strips on this service. Much will depend on the country in which the tracks were listened and the level of subscription payment in it, on advertising income, the percentage of net profit distribution that is due to the authors based on the decision of the site owners, and so on.

To successfully compete with other streaming music venues, SoundCloud have to maintain a competitive level of payments for authors. It should be interesting against the background of such giants of the global streaming market as Spotify or Apple Music.

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The expected level of royalties for the artist can vary from 0.0025 to 0.004 dollars per stream on the service. Accordingly, for each thousand streams, the service will pay from 2.5 to 4 dollars.

It is hardly worth counting on royalties from SoundCloud as the main income. This is relevant, of course, not for those who have millions of auditions on the service, but for novice musicians.

The level of payments in this case can be called average in the global streaming music market. By the way, the service administration says that only adult users will be able to participate in the monetization program, and monetization can be applied only to original compositions that do not violate copyright.

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