How much does Taylor Swift make on Spotify?

American singer Taylor Alison Swift is named in the United States of America as the performer of the decade and a woman of the decade. She is the owner of the most awarded country album and the most awarded pop album in the history of American music. She is also the most successful performer in US history in certified song sales.

Taylor Swift receives income from many sources. She is not only a successful performer and author of country songs, but also a successful music producer. Swift believes that Spotify unfairly compensates writers, producers, artists and creators. One of the problems here is that Spotify does not pay anyone directly except music owners and publishers. The relationship of the megapopular American singer with the Swedish streaming service cannot be called especially warm. The singer repeatedly opposed the opacity of royalty payments to musicians, reproaching the service not only in the economic model incomprehensible to most musicians, but also in the low level of payments for one stream.

Taylor Swift

But criticism of the music streaming service did not prevent her from actively using it to promote her own content. Cooperation became especially relevant in 2020, when most representatives of the world and, in particular, the American music industry had a crisis associated with the lack of the possibility of live performances before the public.

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According to publications engaged in music analytics, Taylor Swift’s earnings on the Swedish streaming music service in 2020 exceeded six million dollars, making her the second, after Canadian rapper Drake, performer who receives a huge profit on Spotify, by the standards of the music world. But it should be borne in mind that the popular American singer makes a profit from streaming not only as a performer, but also as the owner of a record company and a music producer.

That is why it can be considered as an exceptional case and not link its listening income to their total number on the streaming service.

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