How much does Taylor Swift make on Spotify?

Taylor Swift has been one of the most popular musicians in recent years. She is known for her catchy lyrics and addictive melodies. She also has a lot of clout when it comes to selling albums, and she’s not shy about using that power to make a point (most notably pulling all her music from Spotify not so long ago). But one back-of-the-envelope calculation suggests she earns around $1 million per day (according to

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Taylor Swift is one of the most popular artists in the world, with her latest album “Reputation” being number 1 on iTunes. Spotify has been notoriously secretive about their payments to artists, plus data that surfaces in different sources is all different but from what we’ve gathered so far for  it’s a substantial amount – not quite as much as she used to make before people started moving away from buying albums and singles and more toward illegally downloading music. But it’s still a lot. 

By the way, you also have to remember averages are famously non-representative. For example, Taylor managed to get $400 000 in just two weeks after returning her songs to Spotify. 

So averages are difficult, but with Taylor being named the most successful artist out there today by many, you can be sure whatever Taylor makes these days on Spotify, it’s not unimpressive.

In any case, MusConv is always here for you if you want to know more or decide you want to switch over to another equally or more impressive music streaming platform. Ciao!

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