How much does TuneCore pay per download?

Musicians and singers have existed at all times. Music is a perfect instrument for expressing feelings and worries about everything that surrounds us. Now it serves the same purposes, but still, the industry has changed a lot.

How much does TuneCore pay per download?

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Firstly, the music industry, like the competition within it, is bigger than ever before. Secondly, thanks to the development of the Internet and the advent of new applications, the way people can get access to music has changed radically enough. Now, it isn’t necessary to visit concert events to listen to favorite musical hits. All you should do is download a streaming service. Within this convenient application, you can get access to millions of tracks of good quality for a small payment.

But, how can artists place their music masterpieces on popular streaming platforms if they are just aspiring performers? One of the most rational solutions, in the beginning, would be to host your compositions on music services yourself. You can achieve your goals with the assistance of special music distributors such as TuneCore. You shouldn’t be a label member or have a team to get started.

TuneCore offers its clients a lot of advantages. Here are the main ones:

• you can get your music creation on over 160 trading platforms and professional streaming services;

• social networking releases are available;

• low collaboration fee (starting from $15);

• detailed reporting of all tracks that were released is always available to the artist;

• regular payments;

• you will have an official copyright on each of your works.

Any aspiring artist would benefit from working with TuneCore. But, how much does TuneCore pay per download? Well, on average, your earnings per download will be around $0.091. That is a rather high income if you compare TuneCore with other music distributors.

It is also worth mentioning that in addition to the distribution profit, you may earn additional revenue. The size of that income can be absolutely varied. Here are cases from which you can get additional royalties:

• when your track is used in commercials or films;

• when your songs are played on the radio;

• in cases when your music masterpiece is used in games and applications and more.

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If you wish to manage your music library and move it to other services – use the special program Musconv. This comfortable platform is designed for your convenience and it offers many useful features for a small fee. The creators also offer a free trial period for new accounts. Check out all the beneficial features right now!