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How Much Does YouTube Music And YouTube Premium Cost?

How much does it cost to pay periodically to use YouTube Music features? The answer is not at all. In fact, the service is provided free of charge. But it’s also true that the YouTube Music platform also provides a Premium version that allows you to listen to songs in the background even when offline, without ad interruptions. This last aspect will certainly delight all fans. Suddenly appearing ads are actually very annoying for any listener.

YouTube Music offers a free and paid plan that allows all subscribers to access numerous exclusive benefits.

Also note the following detail: to use the free version of YouTube Music, which also includes some restrictions (such as ad breaks to compensate for the lack of payment costs), registration is not required. It is enough to have a Google account. However, the latter is necessary if you are going to upgrade to the Premium version of the platform.

In particular, by subscribing to YouTube Music Premium, the user can listen to millions of songs even in the background, without any restrictions or commercials, and even without a network connection. This is very useful if you want to enjoy your favorite songs anytime, anywhere.

YouTube Music And YouTube Premium

Similar considerations apply if the user decides to subscribe to YouTube Premium, i.e. a subscription that includes access to YouTube Music and all YouTube videos without any ads, even in the background and offline, for a complete immersion.

So, in terms of costs, we have the following situation:

• YouTube Music: Free.

• YouTube Music Premium subscription : €9.99 per month and one month free trial.

• YouTube Music Premium Family Subscription: €14.99 per month. The service is available for up to six devices at the same time, as long as registrants live in the same account sharing household, with an age of at least 13 for registrants.

• Student discounted YouTube Music Premium subscription: €4.99 per month with annual manual verification. Therefore, it is necessary to send the required documents and wait for confirmation for about 48 hours. This is clearly done to curb scam attempts.

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But the aforementioned “luxury” service is represented by YouTube Premium, which includes a monthly fee of 11.99 euros and a one-month free trial period guaranteed access to all YouTube Music Premium and YouTube content without ads. This package includes downloading all the music in the catalog, playing files in the background, and unlimited access to exclusive YouTube Originals content.

Also keep in mind that the YouTube Premium Family plan costs 17.99 euros per month with the ability to share on up to six devices at the same time. There is also a Premium subscription for students costing €6.99 per month (always with a mandatory annual review).

As for the free trial period, during which the user can access all the benefits of the subscription without paying anything, after it ends, you can decide whether to continue or not.

However, the user has the right to cancel at any time, and the site sends users a reminder seven days before the free trial expires.

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