How much Drake earns from streaming in Spotify?

At the beginning of 2021, Drake set a new world record, becoming the first artist in the world to have more than 50 billion auditions on the streaming music service.

Experts estimate the current state of Aubrey Drake Graham at $75 million. He is not yet among the most successful artists with a world name, but is considered a leader in the hip-hop segment.

The Swedish music streaming service Spotify published the results of listening to world music stars for the decade from 2010 to 2020. And it was Drake who turned out to be the most popular among them. And the number of strips of his compositions seems simply mind-boggling.

How much Drake earns from streaming in Spotify

For example, in 2018, Drake’s album “Scorpion” received platinum status right on the day of release and was listened to a record number of times only in the first day on the same Spotify.

In 2019, Aubrey Drake Graham managed to earn $12.1 million with the help of the Swedish music streaming service. This amount today is fabulous not only for beginners, but also for most already held and popular artists.

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This information dates back to 2019. Data for 2020 have not yet been published. Given that in 2020 the number of auditions for the singles of the popular Canadian rapper doubled compared to the previous year, it is safe to assume that his income from music streaming on the Swedish platform has doubled.

Royalties that go to musicians are part of all the money that is distributed among musicians at a fixed rate. The artist whose songs were more often played on the service will receive more. He has a much higher payout rate.

But the reason for such fruitful cooperation between the Canadian celebrity and the Swedish popular streaming service is also that in this case there is a slightly different principle of profit distribution. Since Spotify calculates profit based on the ratio of the number of listenings of a certain track or album to the total number of listenings on this platform, an artist who has a percentage of streams above the average will receive large royalties. This means that the same number of streams for Drake and the other artist will be evaluated differently. The Canadian rapper will receive many times more than another artist with fewer streams on the service.

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