How Much Does Apple Music Cost?

Want to shift your music streaming service or signing up for the first time? Follow along as this article breaks down apple music subscription costalong with other details such as student discounts, family plans and how to pay less for the services.

Apple Music has been offering over 50 million songs and a paid subscription offer offline download of around 1,00,000 songs. Apple Music is especially worth considering when you are using an Apple device such as an iPhone, Mac etc. Here, in addition to several paid packages, we will also be looking into a few ways to pay less than the tagged price of Apple music.

Apple Music Cost per month:

  • For individuals, Apple Music would cost $9.99/ month
  • For families up to six members, Apple Music would cost $14.99/month
  • For college students, Apple Music costs $4.99/month
  • There are some unlimited plans available with several Apple device and Verizon at no cost at all.

How to Get a Cheaper Apple Music Subscription?

If you are looking for paying less than the tagged price, you could keep an eye to Apple gift cards, as often users are provided with 15-20% discounted iTunes gift cards. Besides, if you are looking towards paying annual price for an individual package, you could save at least $20, as it would cost you $99 per year instead $120/ year. Discounted gift cards are available for family and student packs, although those are a little bit rare to come by.

As of now you have known well enough on Apple Music prices, you should now be able to choose your pack accordingly. Unless, you are a student, it is always better to use a family pack, as it would offer six members an unlimited service for $14.99 per month. Apart from that, a group could have used the family pack at a lower price, if you and your friends, family or colleague want to share the unlimited pack at a lower price.

Apart from that, if you are transferring from another music streaming service to Apple Music, you will have to transfer all of your music and playlists into Apple Music, otherwise you would lose all of your downloaded songs and created playlists. In such cases, MusConv could help you. It is a music migrator toolkit designed specially to transfer music across a wide variety of streaming service providers including Apple Music.

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