How Much Is Beatstar Monthly?

So you think it’s time to start monetizing your creativity. Very well, there is nothing better than making money from your passion. However, before you start planning what you will spend the accumulated amounts on in the future, it is worth considering the choice of platform on which you will host your beats and the form in which they will be distributed.

Of course, there are countless sales opportunities today, but we decided to focus on one of them and present how to use the Beatstars platform. Why from her? First of all, because according to all the data we know, at the moment it is the most popular site for selling beats online. At the moment, the site is used by more than 350 thousand people who earned millions of dollars through it last year. In addition, the functionality and operation of the platform itself is not very complicated.

The fact is that platforms like BeatStars or similar offer us a comprehensive service, so over time our activity on these sites will be limited to only downloading more beats. Further, the system itself will process our potential client and inform us about the payment of the commission and the transfer of funds to the account.

This does not mean that we should not publish our products on YouTube. There are many reasons why you should definitely do this and one of them is that YouTube can be a great tool to attract a new audience to our yf Beatstars profile.

Let’s start building your music empire by creating an account. We have two options to choose from, free and slightly more extensive, priced at $14.99 per month (if we pay for the entire year up front – just under $180) or $19.99 if you do a monthly-to-month transfer. In the case of the free option, we can only download 10 beats and we also have to share the profits from their sale with the BeatStars platform (we refund 30% of the earnings). However, if we decide on a paid subscription, we reserve 100% of the profit, we can “upload” an unlimited number of backing tracks to the site and get the opportunity to create our own “shop” with music under our own domain.

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We need to be aware that simply adding bits to the platform may not be enough to achieve immediate success. Adequate presentation and positioning of our offer on the BeatStars website may take some time. Our profile ranking is positively affected by subsequent successful transactions or positive comments, but we can also buy ads right away to reach as many beats as possible. However, first we suggest trying other free ways to popularize our nickname among BeatStars users.

It’s definitely worth making our beat available for free download, so anyone who decides to download our background will first need to subscribe to our Twitter, SoundCloud or YouTube account. In addition, we may oblige such person to provide us with their e-mail address, which we will later use, for example, when creating a database of newsletter addresses. In this fairly simple way, we can gather a fairly large community around our BeatStars profile.

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