How much is DJ Pro?

The sphere of DJing has become more accessible than ever before. At the moment, any person who wants to try his hand at this profession can do  it using special modern applications. These programs do not require large investments; however, they can give you a practical understanding of how to mix tracks correctly.

How much is DJ Pro?

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There are easy-to-use tutorials for newcomers in the DJing sphere. Also, experienced professional DJs can improve their skills too. They can find out a lot of interesting applications to use them for personal growth, too.  One of the most popular and useful programs is DJ Pro by Serato. The particle “Pro” shows that this version is intended for experienced users. The Lite version is the best manual for novice DJs.

The program for stunning mixes creation  consists from these basic tools:

  • 4 mixing tables;
  • auto BPM;
  • panel with 8 control slots for each track;
  • looper;
  • record player.

All the components are quite simple, however, they will allow you to create unique compositions. Sometimes, even a professional DJ needs to get assistance to understand all the functions specifics. For that purpose, the manufacturer has added special hints and tutorials.

In addition to all the other features of this application, it’s worth mentioning its integration with iTunes. This makes it much easier to transfer music for mixes.

As we have seen, the benefits are numerous, however, how much does DJ Pro cost?

There are two convenient ways to use this interesting program.

First: you can buy it once and use it without any limitations as long as possible. This subscription costs $129.

The second option is to pay a monthly subscription of $9.99.

Try it free

Wish to try out DJing with streaming services? At first, use the special convenient MusConv application to transfer your favorite music tracks, playlists, or albums to the necessary platform and you can get started. If you need to test it out, just start your free trial.