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How much is iTunes a month?

With the launch of the iTunes Store in 2003, Apple service turned the world of digital music upside down. From then on, the iTunes Store became a service called Apple Music, a comfortable streaming platform that is competing with such popular services as Spotify, Boom, and others. Now, whatever you had stored on iTunes will still be accessible on Apple Music, as well as the iTunes application can be used for macOS and Windows.

So, how much is iTunes a month? Well, the standard subscription price is $9.99 per regular user. There is also a student subscription which costs $4.99. The best of all, in the users ‘opinion, is the family subscription which costs $14.99 per month. In this case, the service can be used by up to six people with different Apple IDs. In addition to paid subscriptions, there is also a trial period of 3 months.

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What Apple Music gives its users

With a prepaid subscription, during the first three months of the trial period, every user will get:

  • unlimited listening to all the music available on the service – 50 million tracks;
  • adding music from the application to your own music library for offline listening;
  • possibility to listen to songs purchased and added to your personal library online from the cloud;
  • access to the playlists of your friends, music experts, and other music fans, if they have opened accounts.

Of course, with iTunes all your content automatically goes to Apple Music, however, if you need to switch to another music service, MusConv can help you with transporting your favorite music files.

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