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How Much Is Karaoke Mashine?

Karaoke machines are special devices that can play karaoke files. Depending on the category of this complex and its manufacturers, karaoke machines can have cardinal differences in the configuration, set of functions, interface and sound. Well, of course, they will have completely different prices.

Speaker systems for karaoke can be roughly divided into two categories: this is Hi-Fi household equipment, and the second is professional concert equipment. The difference lies in purpose, characteristics and, as a rule, aesthetics. Hi-Fi equipment, although originally intended for use at home, is not entirely suitable for karaoke: the fact is that it was originally created for reproducing studio recordings in which the volume level is adjusted and there are no bursts in dynamics. In karaoke, we have a live instrument — a microphone, in which the difference in volume can be very significant. More than once there were cases when the speakers were mechanically damaged in the speakers. This is due, among other things, to the fact that when a person sings karaoke, he wants to feel like at a concert, but the trouble is that Hi-fi equipment is not designed for concert volume. And, as a rule, it does not have built-in overload protection.

Karaoke Mashine

Therefore, we always recommend completing karaoke devices for home with professional concert acoustic systems. In addition to the fact that they have all kinds of protection, both the sound path and from damage to the speaker, the most important thing is that they are designed to reproduce sound exactly at a concert volume. Why concert loudness is required and what it is can be explained as follows: when you sing into a microphone, you should hear the sound from the speakers louder than you sing yourself, that is, the sound should come from there, and not from you.

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If you want to make your choice of a karaoke system balanced and conscious, then it is better to try using it in the manufacturer’s showroom, where you can try, listen, touch, evaluate the quality and make a decision.

The price of a karaoke machine directly depends on its class, its capabilities and the manufacturer of this equipment. Of course, it is best to purchase karaoke systems from well-known and trusted manufacturers from brand stores or on official websites. The cost of a karaoke machine can range from $ 100 to tens of thousands of dollars. Therefore, we can talk about the price only within the framework of a certain model of a karaoke machine.

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