How much is Mick Jagger worth?

Also one of the most recognizable names in the industry and an all-time (and old-school) rock legend, Mick Jagger is far more than just a musician. He’s also an actor and producer, one of the founding members of Rolling Stones, and member of  Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and UK Music Hall of Fame.

The fact that so many global musical superstars turn out to be from England doesn’t seem like a coincidence either. Sounds like the UK is the perfect place to be if you’re planning on becoming an ultra-rich rock legend! While on the subject of Englishness, Mick also succeeded so much at his contributions to music that he was actually knighted. So it’s Sir Michael Philip Jagger to you. 

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As you can imagine, that kind of notoriety comes with substantial financial wins. Leaving the London School of Economics seems to have turned out to be the right choice for young Mick who’s now boasting a not bad net worth of $360 000 000.

That’s more by an order of magnitude than many more legendary musicians but still less than Tom Cruise (who both seem like street musicians compared to Steven Spielberg). Everything is relative, it seems, but isn’t it marvelous not only to have money but to have lived a life so full of adventure, passion, and love? It’s even more remarkable that Mick doesn’t come from serious wealth, having been born in a middlу-class family of a teacher and a hairdresser.

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