How much money do you get from 1 million YouTube views?

Probably, it was YouTube that became today the most popular venue for hosting  clips, music and amatory videos. With this popular service, you can not only have fun, learn something new, get trained, cheer yourself up and  friends, but also earn good money.

Revenue is YouTube generated through advertising through AdSense, sponsorship agreements with popular brands, and partner links. Many are interested in the question of how much the popular platform pays for, for example, one million views.

Bloggers can earn from $100 to $500 for 1 million views on the YouTube service, depending on the country, subject matter and language. Therefore, there is no single cost of one million views. Profits are influenced by many factors. Of course, in almost any country, there are youtubers earning tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. And in this case, we are talking only about partnership with YouTube. On direct contracts with advertisers, they earn an additional tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

You can use the following methodology to estimate your YouTube earnings. You need to divide the number of views on the channel into 3. So we get an approximate maximum percentage of commercial views. The resulting figure is divided by 1000, because commercial shows count for a thousand. Then we multiply by CPM (price per thousand contacts). This is different for each country.

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As a result, if the video scored 1 million views, it can be assumed that 300 thousand views were commercial. We divide by 1000, then multiply by the price for a thousand views in this country. 45% of the profit takes YouTube.

The income of the YouTube channel primarily depends on the country for which the content and content language are created. The larger and richer the country, the more and richer advertisers there, the more money advertisers invest in YouTube.

The largest advertising budgets for YouTube companies spend in Japan, Switzerland, the USA, Great Britain, Australia. Most money can be made from English-language content aimed at US residents.

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