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How much money do you make off a platinum album?

A particular «status» is assigned to an album or single for a certain number of sales. In all countries, these are different sales limits, depending on the population of the country and the level of development of the music business. For example, in America, albums that have been sold 500,000 times and in Estonia- 5,000 times receive gold status. The population of the United States is 320 million people, the population of Estonia – less than 2 million. It turns out that to get a gold disc in Estonia, an album must be bought by every 400th resident of the country, and in the USA – every 640th. That is, getting a gold disc in Estonia is one and a half times more difficult than in the USA, despite the fact that you need to sell 100 times less. And in the UK, for example, 300 thousand copies of the album guarantee him the assignment of “platinum.”

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If we talk about the leader of the world music industry  – the United States of America, it is necessary to say then the album will be «Golden» with 500 thousand sales. «Platinum» can be received with one million sales, but the status of a «Diamond» album will receive with 10 million sales. In the United States, the RIAA has been assigning «status» since 1958.

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No one can name the exact amount from sales and receiving royalties for a platinum album. After all, it all depends on which country the album is recognized as platinum, in which language the songs are performed, how many copies are released and sold, how many times the album sounded on the air of radio, television and the Internet on music streaming services.

The status of the «Platinum» album itself does not bring any income. But at the same time, it significantly increases the popularity and, accordingly, the level of sales and the number of auditions. Therefore, the status of «Platinum» is rather a successful marketing technique for making more profit by the author of the music album, recording studios, producers, and so on. Therefore, the profit from such a popular album can differ tenfold.

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