How much money is 1 billion streams?

Everybody likes to enjoy the music created by talented performers. Actually, the thing is that you most enjoy the work of more or less famous singers. But how many talented artists you haven’t known about ever? We think there are a lot of them.

How much money is 1 billion streams?

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This concerns emerging artists who always bring a flavor of novelty to the music industry. However, in order to become popular they have to take a long way to fame.

Now, it has become easier to start a career in music with the advent of special streaming platforms. These convenient platforms stream music to the public for relatively little money. Often you can find sections with tracks from novice artists on such services. This is a great opportunity for emerging performers to find their audience and develop their careers.

It doesn’t take much to get your song into a streaming service. It’s not necessary to work with a label, you can upload a track yourself. However, in doing so, don’t forget about the quality of the songs. If it’s not good enough, some streaming services may refuse to host the track in their music library.

However, how much money can you make by hosting your tracks on streaming services? How much money are 1 billion streams?

So, several American music companies have conducted an investigation. They’ve published its results, and here it is possible to see them (price is given for 1 million streams):

  • Napster – $16700
  • Tidal – $11000
  • Apple Music – $6400
  • Google Play – $5900
  • Deezer – $5600
  • Spotify – $800
  • Pandora – $1100
  • YouTube – $600

As we can observe, there are some streaming services that are willing to pay good money for various songs. The above list is just a small part of all the music applications that exist. So, if you’re an artist, you better get your tracks on as many platforms as possible. So, you can earn more money for your creativity.

Despite the data that was posted in the table, it’s worth mentioning the different principles of earning in streaming services. For example, there are platforms that pay once a month and those that pay once a quarter. Moreover, your income may depend on the type of account used to listen to your track. The more expensive the type of account is, the more money you’ll get.

In any case, it is better to try working on different platforms. Over time, you’ll find out whose algorithms work best for you and which ones are profitable.

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