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How much royalties do you get for a song?

Creating a musical work, musicians and performers not only realize creative abilities, but also create a musical product, which is an author’s work, for which they hope to receive a material reward. In addition, at the stage of production of this work, a whole team of people (sound engineers, producers, etc.) is connected to musicians and performers, whose work should also be paid. The remuneration of this team is due to the sale of copies of the phonogram of the created work.

Radio stations are required to pay royalties in the amount of several percent of the income received. Music streaming services set rates that depend on many factors: the country where music is listened to, the quantity of paid subscribers to the service, advertising profits and interest, which, according to the decision of the owners, is paid to music authors, performers and so on. In the United States, for example, only authors of musical compositions are eligible for royalties.

The amount of remuneration on many Internet services will directly depend on how many times the musical composition was listened to and what its rating is.

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But it cannot be said with certainty that copyright is respected by everyone and everywhere. There is a high probability that the author simply will not receive anything with a certain set of circumstances.

It often seems that people (both in general and specifically, for example, business owners) forget about the existence of at least any legislation. They do this deliberately or accidentally – a rhetorical question. One way or another, violations of intellectual property rights have long been integrated into our everyday life. Of course, in a bad sense of the word. Often copyright is neglected by people who base a business and often even have some additional income from the use of other people’s intellectual property rights.

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