How much Spotify is paying per stream in 2023

Spotify is a platform where uprising artists can not only find their audience but also make money. The more streams a performer has on each song, the more outcomes he may get. So, let’s make it clear, how much Spotify is paying per stream in 2023, and can a novice artist make a living from it?

How much Spotify is paying per stream in 2023

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First, let’s find out what is a stream on Spotify. Every time your song is listened to for at least 30 seconds or more, it is counted as a stream that can be monetized later. That is, if you turn on a song and then immediately turn it off or switch it, the stream is not credited to you.

How much can you earn from one Spotify stream in 2023?

As of the beginning of 2023, a singer can earn on the Spotify platform from $0.003 to $0.005 per stream, which at first glance seems low. However, if you are a more or less popular artist, you can get good benefits. According to the rules of using the streaming service, you get only 70% of the income, while Spotify gets the other 30%.

It’s worth noticing that the exact amounts that an artist can receive for streams are not publicized and are carefully hidden. So, it is impossible to know exactly how much a particular artist has received, but you can see your own income. It is real to find out exactly how much you can get with the help of special online calculators, however, the numbers will never be exact and fixed, as your earnings are affected by many factors.

So, what factors influence the “price” of one stream?

First, in order to receive income, you must be the official copyright holder of the song, i.e. the direct performer of the track, the label, the author of the lyrics, or the owner of the song.

Spotify focuses on a financial distribution model that includes 4 main factors:

  • the total monthly number of streams across the platform;
  • total revenue on the streaming service (which also includes the number of monthly paid subscriptions);
  • the agreed total payout on the platform;
  • the number of streams on your profile.

Thus, the price of every stream can vary from month to month and differ significantly from the earnings of previous months.

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So, if you are an up-and-coming singer, you should share your songs on many platforms to gain more popularity and, consequently, more money. In order not to waste a lot of your time, you can transfer your music content from one platform to another using the convenient MusConv service.