How much Tidal pays per stream?

In just three years since its launch, Tidal has developed from a small Norwegian start-up to a successful project. There are deals that are worth millions of dollars. Of course, the number of tracks available on this streaming service is also measured in millions. These and other figures, as well as the list of respected co-owners who have joined Jay-Z, are truly impressive.

How much Tidal pays per stream?

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This music platform offers listeners two subscription options.

  1. Premium ($9.99). Gives access to the entire music library and all possible music streaming features.
  2. Hi-Fi ($19.99). Among other things, it offers the ability to listen to music in MQA format.

This service doesn’t offer the most affordable subscription prices on the market. So, what are you paying such money for? Maybe, this platform lets artists earn good money. How much Tidal pays per stream?

Tidal indeed pays high monthly royalties to artists. According to statistics, the service is charging roughly $0.013 per stream from a Premium subscription account. In comparison, here is how much other popular streaming platforms pay their artists:

  • Apple Music – $0.01
  • Spotify – $0.0033
  • Amazon Music – $0.004.         

However, don’t forget, there is also such a type of subscription as Hi-Fi. It costs twice as much as a regular Premium. That means that artists get a bigger royalty for listening to a track in this type of account.

So, if you’re an artist, keeping your songs on Tidal’s streaming service is very lucrative. However, if you’re a simple subscriber, you benefit too. You get the advantage of being able to listen to all your songs in the highest quality format that is available. Just a godsend for the audiophile!

However, in order to get a successful user experience, you need to listen to the platform’s developers. They recommend the usage of high-quality headphones or a loudspeaker if you want to get a really excellent sound.

If you don’t have that possibility, you should get the regular Premium type of subscription. It costs the same price as other streaming platforms’ plans. But at the same time, your favorite artists will get more royalties, which is about $13-15 thousand per million streams!

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