How Music Marketing Works

Returning to the question – is popular music an art or a product? Surely his goal is to sell and, on the other hand, stir up the listener. Depending on the particular artist and his music, the material may be more or less commercial. Everyone can have their own take on this. In my opinion, music is not only an art, but also a product. Does anyone have a different opinion – a matter of taste, which is not discussed. Music can be more or less ambitious, but every artist wants to get as much attention and audience as possible, and the means can be content marketing and promotion strategy.

What are the most important factors required for content marketing and strategy to be as successful as possible in the music market?

First of all, this is close cooperation with opinion leaders, influential brands, people who will have a similar audience, artistic goals, so that cooperation is as holistic as possible in terms of image and, at the same time, effective. For example, if you are creating a song about sports – cover brands, creators of such content – bloggers, newspapers, portals, football clubs, sports stores, and so on. Write to them – offer collaboration – the artist can promote products on his social media channel, write on your blog and comment. The more potential contacts for cooperation, the better. In this way, a powerful PR machine will be built, audience reach will be increased, ROI will be increased, and the audience and potential fans will also increase.

Secondly, this is cooperation with professionals who will help the artist find his place in the market – the label, management and PR team are a close-knit team to support promotional activities. The teams created in this way will certainly be able to better “sell” the artist and establish contractual cooperation with brands on the occasion of larger projects.

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Thirdly, the artist must have a clear idea of ​​himself and the goals he wants to achieve, the expectations and the content he has to convey. The biggest mistake of many artists is the lack of vision and awareness of what they are singing. Does the artist plan to advertise himself as a novelty in the music market, to promote his voice, or to position himself as an expert on a given problem? These questions should be asked before creating a specific content plan. Singing just for the sake of singing has no purpose. Having a specific action plan and sticking to it can limit creative value, but it ensures the artist doesn’t go astray.

Fourth, you need to create a blog that encourages interaction and reaches more recipients. In today’s flow of content and blogs, many mindlessly repeat the same content and express the opinion of the author, who often describes his own life – this does not bring anything new. The blog can interact with content available on Facebook or photos on Instagram – the artist publishes a blog post – he can give part of it to Facebook. The blog should be in the form of a two-way conversation – encourage reading and the creator himself can comment on other blogs and encourage them to share, ask questions and present their views and points of view. Content should be concise, short and effective.

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