How old is Violet Grohl?

Dave Grohl has been in several bands such as Nirvana, Foo Fighters and Them Crooked Vultures. His music and lyrics have influenced so many people from all over the world with his stories about heartbreak, love, overcoming obstacles and even when he shared the struggles that come with being in a rock band.

Violet Grohl is Dave Grohl’s daughter, and she just so happens to be an awesome singer. Violet has a voice that will most likely shape the generation of children who come after her.

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What kind of relationship do they have? Is it a good example for the next generations? Why is it important for celebrities to set a good example? In an interview with People Magazine, Dave Grohl revealed that he had no expectations when his daughter was born. “I never imagined being so happy about anything in my life,” said Dave Grohl.

Violet Grohl is in fact 15 years old. You can find out about Dave’s praise of his daughter’s vocal talent and the outstanding work they do together here.

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