How SoundCloud Works

The German music streaming service SoundCloud is gaining popularity every year. And its secret lies in the fact that this service is as friendly as possible not only to users and subscribers, but also to artists who start their musical career in collaboration with it. And music streaming services today have become leaders in the distribution of music, generating about 80% of music content and, accordingly, the profits for the music business.

A feature of the German music streaming service is some of the social network features inherent in this platform.

They allow users to share their playlists and tracks, communicate with music fans and just subscribers, recommend, share and sell their music.

If the principle of distributing music on other music streaming services, such as Spotify, the world music market leader in Sweden, is completely focused on labels that receive the bulk of the profit from music streaming of songs, then the German platform has a completely different approach to both distributing music and paying royalties.

In cooperation with SoundCloud, the artist takes care of distributing his music content uploaded to this platform. Therefore, he understands that more profit than on other similar platforms can be offset by efforts to promote songs and music, which will need to be done independently. Among other things, the promotion of their own music requires artists to have some skills and knowledge of the basics of music marketing in social networks.

SoundCloud has a free version. If the user decides to use the streaming service for free, then he should be prepared for the fact that he will be disturbed by constant advertising during the playback of songs, and he will also not be able to download the tracks he likes in order to listen to them offline later.

The cost of a paid subscription to the German streaming service is 9.99 euros per month. There are several other tariff plans. Students are entitled to a half discount for the duration of their full-time study at a higher education institution. At the same time, their age must be at least 18 and not more than 25 years. The student tariff is valid for a maximum of four years, while the student can document his student status.

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Artists are trying to make the most of SoundCloud because the music streaming service pays royalties directly, without the involvement of labels or record companies. But in this case, there is the other side of the moon – the artist needs to independently take care of promoting his track or album, using all available tools. And for their effective use, some experience and certain skills are required.

SoundCloud is not the perfect music streaming service. Rather, it is an effective tool for beginning musicians to help them build a good musical career later on.

For music lovers, this site can be valuable in the presence of a free version with minimal restrictions and the ability to access the work of novice musicians. In addition, the music streaming service itself is quite easy to use, and also its paid version will not become very taxing on the budget of any user.

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